Friday, November 3, 2017

TouchTerrain version 1.14 is out

Web app changes:

  • v1.14 fixed the Server returned HTTP code: 404 error. 
  • Levi and Shane also changed the apache config settings which should make the  'NoneType' object has no attribute 'route'  error less likely.  Let us know if its still happening so we can learn more about it.
  • The Internal Server error also seem to have gone. (Report if you get it)

Stand alone version changes (see  Github repository)

  • Instead of a web interface, the Stand alone version gets all its parameters (area coordinates, DEM source,  3D print settings) via a JSON file. To get DEM data from Google Earth Engine (like the web app does), you need to set up a GEE account.
  • v1.14 adds the option to use your own DEM raster file (geotiff, img, etc.) instead. In this case, no Google Earth Engine is required!
  • Here's an example JSON file that processes a geotiff called pyramid.tif (my test file):
  • "CPU_cores_to_use": 1, 
    "DEM_name": "USGS/NED", 
    "basethick": 2,  
    "fileformat": "STLb", 
    "importedDEM": "pyramid.tif", 
    "ntilesx": 1, 
    "ntilesy": 1, 
    "printres": 1, 
    "tile_centered": true, 
    "tilewidth": 120,  
    "zip_file_name": "pyramid", 
    "zscale": 0.5
  • If there's interest, we could add this to the web version as well, so you could upload your own DEM file. 

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